Do you want your students to take charge of their FUTURE?

PowerUP! Series teaches students to MAXIMIZE their personal development for ULTIMATE success in order to take charge of their future. In a league of its own, POWER UP! fuses education and entertainment for a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE guaranteed to captivate, connect with, and challenge your students. Learn more about our PowerUp! Series below.

The Series

Boarding Pass

Identity! Before taking flight, student's must understand WHO they are and WHERE they are going. This session focuses on building a strong foundation for a student's future.


Resiliency! Checking in luggage comes with strict requirements the limits how much you can bring on the journey. This session helps students overcome limitations and recognize the necessary traits needed to achieve success.


Relationships! Every flight comes with key people - the pilots & flight attendants - they ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight. This sessions helps students identify the key people, mentors, and support system needed to achieve their goals.

Your Destination

Goals! Flights end at an airport closest to your destination. It is the passenger's responsibility to make it to their FINAL destination. Students will be equipped with the tools needed to TAKE CHARGE of their FUTURES.

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